Ultimate Free Traffic Model

So, today we’re going to talk about a marketing technique that is without question the #1 most profitable traffic-generating strategy that you can use.

  • It’s quick. You can literally begin seeing results within 24 hours.
  • It’s easy. You don’t need any experience or special abilities in order to use it … and it’s not complicated to set up.
  • It’s free. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.  It’s the ultimate free advertising solution.

The strategy is very simple:  Get other people to send targeted traffic to your web site!

It’s commonly referred to as a “joint venture” (although “endorsement mailing” might be a more adequate title).

I’ve been using a simple, 3-step system for driving traffic with joint ventures for about five years now and it’s never failed to produce results yet.  While the face of the Internet has certainly changed in the past five years, and the intricacies of this system have been tweaked (which we’ll talk about), the mechanics have remained the same.

The idea is simple:  you ask potential partners to promote your product through a special affiliate link and reward them with a commission on any new sales they refer through the link.

Now, let me warn you about 3 things here before we dive in…

  1. Don’t assume you’ve heard it all before.I realize that joint ventures have been getting more than their share of attention, and this might lead you to think that you already know everything you need to know about joint ventures.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  There are some things we’re going to talk about that it’s unlikely anyone else has ever told you before about JV partnerships.
  2. Don’t assume no one will respond to YOU.It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried it a gazillion times before with no results, or if this is your first time out and you have no credibility in your niche marketplace.  None of that is important if you just use the strategies that we’ll be looking at here in this video.  People will respond to your JV offers if you just take the right approach.
  3. Don’t assume it’s too complicated.  There are only three steps.  Yes, there are many different elements to each of them, but at its foundational strategy, there are only three steps.  We’ll break it down here so anyone can understand the process, and we’ll identify some specific things that anyone can do in order to generate traffic with these joint ventures.

Don’t assume.  Instead, consume.  Consume the information in this lesson and then apply it to your own business.

So, let’s go ahead and get started here…

You Need To Strategically Setup Your Joint Venture in Order to Pull in Profits For Years To Come By Creating Customizable Content.

 Most people leave profit on the table from the very beginning.

The problem is this:  most people are too short-sighted in their planning for joint venture partnerships.

They have their eyes on instant profit, and fail to realize that their profit can

be multiplied many times over if they take some time to set things up strategically.

Seems like a waste of a wonderful opportunity to me.  With just a bit of careful planning, that same joint venture can be producing an ever-increasing income for months and even years to come.

Here’s the thing:  You’re going to go to the same amount of effort in contacting and convincing potential joint venture partners to work with you, so why not maximize your effort and make the most money possible?

That’s why it is so important to strategically plan out your joint venture from the very beginning.  By having just a few things in place, you can see your profit multiplied by 10, 20 even 50X more!

There are many different things you can do in order to strategically setup your joint venture so that you profit long-term, but what I want to talk with you today about is what I call “passive promotion”.

Let’s do a quick exercise here.

Which is better…

  1. Someone promoting your niche product to their list one time, or
  2. Someone promoting your niche product to their list over and over again?

Unless you’ve just awakened from a deep sleep or you’re still recovering from a head injury, you’ve answered “B” on that one.

One more question.

Which is better…

  1. Someone sending out a mailing to their list members mentioning your product one time, or
  2. Someone sending out a mailing to their list members mentioning your product one time, publishing your ezine article, putting a banner ad on their website, highlighting your free report on their “thank you” page, inserting an exit popup window with a link to you, showcasing you in their autoresponder series and recording an interview with you that their visitors will have access to for months and years to come?

If ya picked anything other than “B,” then you simply gotta WAKE UP or go see a doctor about that head injury.

The point I want to make is simply this:  don’t settle for pocket change when you can do much better.

Again, I must emphasize that the biggest mistake in joint venture marketing is being short-sighted to the point of contentment with a one-time strike.

Instead of selling 20 copies of your product with a quick solo mailing, wouldn’t it be MUCH better to sell 200 copies of your product over the next 12 months by getting folks to passively promote your product through a series of automated marketing materials?

Of course it would.

Just looking at the numbers makes this so obvious why passive promotion is such a big winner…



Exhibit A: A partner promoting your product one-time to their list.

John Q. Niche decides to send out a mailing to his opt-in list to promote your $20.00 “Rose Gardening” product.  The results are…

72 sales X $20.00 = $1,440 – $720.00 commission to John = $720.00 Profit

John is done.  And so are your profits from his influence and leverage.  $720.00 is not bad, especially when you multiply it by dozens, even hundreds, of other partners.


Exhibit B: A partner promoting your product in a variety of passive ways many times.

Betty Q. Niche (no relation J) loads your ezine article into her autoresponder series, posts a banner on her site, and sets up an audio interview with you on her “thank you for joining my newsletter” page.  The results are…

36 sales X $20.00 = $720.00 – $360.00 commission to Betty = $360.00 Profit (For the 1st month alone!)

Betty is done, but you’re profits from her influence and leverage ARE NOT!

You earned $360.00 profit from that initial surge … but you now have your ezine article, banner ad and audio interview in place in HER SYSTEM to CONTINUALLY market to HER CONTACTS for months and months to come.

You’ll continue to pull in sale after sale without either of you doing anything extra in the process. The result could easily be $360.00 per month for the next 12 months and beyond, bring your profit to well over $4,000.00!

Passive promotion wins! And that’s just from ONE partner.

That’s why going into your niche joint ventures with a profit-pulling strategy is a must.

It’s a numbers game, and it’s a volume business.

The more you sell, the more you make. 

Get this -> If you take the time to find a partner who is agreeable to be your evangelist, why squander the efforts and the contact by quickly dissolving the profitable relationship?

Instead, maximize it long-term.  Make it easy for you both to make money passively.

One of the things that thrills me the most is to continually see orders come in for products that I haven’t promoted in years. I don’t do any active promotion for those products.  It all comes from my partners passively promoting me through a variety of marketing materials.

That’s a sweet arrangement!

So, the first thing you want to do in strategically setting up your joint venture offer is to organize a series of marketing materials that your partners can use to passively generate profit for you both.

I call it “passive promotion”.

I’ve got a quick checklist of 7 marketing materials that you will want to create for your joint ventures.

Note:  The only one you really need is the solo mailing, but I recommend that you at least have the solo mailing and ezine article before continuing.

  • Solo mailing / personal endorsement mailing. An advertisement that the partner sends out to their opt-in email list. While you will want to provide this in your marketing materials, it is most effective when the partner writes their own personalized endorsement.
  • Ezine Article. A 500-700 word article relating to the topic of your niche product that the partner publishes in their regular online or offline newsletter, as well as posts to their site.
  • Special Report. 7-15 pages of content in report style.  This can consist of an excerpted chapter from your product, a series of ezine articles, deeper explanation of a concept from your product or related content.
  • Email Mini-Course (I.E. “ecourse”). A series of 5-7 preformatted content-rich messages with a related theme.  This can be a series of ezine articles or a report broken into segments.  Your partner can load these to their own autoresponder series.
  • Banners and Buttons. We’d recommend that you have at least one standard banner and button created to promote your product. Search Google for “banner creation”, “banner designer”, “banner ad designer”, etc. for a list of places to get them designed if you have no graphical experience yourself. You could also use Fiverr.com
  • Popups and Popovers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, popups/popovers are one of the most effective marketing inventions the Internet has known. While with niches they aren’t as commonly used (and are oftentimes despised, so proceed with caution as we’ll discuss later!), it’s still a good idea to have at least one created for a reason we’ll share in an upcoming chapter.
  • Interview Questions. A series of 10-15 questions relating to your niche product topic that one or more of your partners may want to ask you for an exclusive interview for their contacts. An alternative to this is to record the interview in advance and allow your partners to distribute the finished recording.

With each of these, your partner should be able to customize the marketing material with their affiliate link to your product site, earning them a commission on any sales generated through their referrals.

Note: Again, I want to stress that the only thing you really need is the solo mailing, and (highly recommended) the ezine article. You can develop the other materials over a period of time.

I know you’re anxious to get rolling, so start slow and then build your momentum from there.

The important thing is to strategically setup your joint venture by working towards “passive promotion”, a method in which your partners can promote you repeatedlyover a period of time.

I guarantee you this will increase your profits tremendously during the next 12 months if you’ll just take the time to do it.  Most people don’t.  And they have some initial success and then fade into the night like a burned out bottle rocket.