Are you ready to get out there and start selling yet? By this point, you should have most of the information you need to get to work right away.

You’ve learned:

  • The mentality you need to have as a modern-day marketer
  • That you have many things you’re an expert at, and you can start demonstrating that today
  • What you’re customers like and don’t like, and how you can find out more
  • The things you can do to give customers the information they need to make an informed decision about your product
  • The most important elements to include in your sales letters
  • How to write a story that will resonate with your customers, and the story you’ll use right now
  • Where you can get social proof to help your customers make a decision
  • Different types of freebies you can use now to build loyalty and help customers make buying decisions
  • Different ways to use scarcity to get buyers “off the fence”
  • Different methods of repeating your marketing message so that the maximum number of customers hear it.

You have no excuses!  It’s time to get serious about selling and do it in a way that makes sense for everyone.

Next Steps:

Pull together all of the activities you’ve completed in this course to create your final marketing strategy and to-do list for persuading your customers that you are the best person to buy from.