Introduction To Creating A Squeeze Page

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a web page that has as its only function the opting in of subscribers. The idea with a squeeze page is that there is only one action asked of your visitors – that of opting in to your email list. squeeze

In a strong squeeze page, there should be no other actions asked of your visitors. There should be no links to other pages in your web site, there should be no advertising, and there should be no alternatives other than opting in to your list.

A squeeze page normally will offer some type of a free gift in exchange for opting in. This free gift should have relevance to the niche in which you are attempting to create an email list.

Why Do You Need a Squeeze Page?

The basic idea with a squeeze page is that it allows you to leverage your traffic. Instead of getting one page view to one sales page from each new visitor to your web site, a squeeze page allows you to gain repeated exposure to that visitor. Once the visitor opts in to your opt in email list, they are no longer a one-time visitor, but a subscriber. As a subscriber, if you develop a relationship with them, and earn the right to expect them to open your emails and click through to web pages, you will earn many more page views to your sales pages than you would have from the one time visitor.

Why Is It So Important That There Are No Other Outbound Links on the Squeeze Page?

The reason it is so important that there are no other outbound links or other action options on your squeeze page is that each additional action or outbound option will decrease significantly the opt in rate to your email list.

This is critical. For example, a good squeeze page can get between a 30% and a 60% opt in conversion rate (percentage of visitors who choose to become subscribers), depending on the traffic source (the more targeted the traffic, the higher the opt in rate, all other things equal). However, a squeeze page with one other outbound link (this no longer officially qualifies as a squeeze page if it has additional links) will immediately drop its conversion rate to about ½ of the original – so now the opt in rate is around 15% to 30%.

Add one more option, and the opt in rate drops to 10% to 20%. This includes PPC. For each PPC link, you lose conversion rate and opt ins drastically.

Create a Giveaway for Your Squeeze Page

This is an extremely critical part of the squeeze page. You have to have a free gift to giveaway to the people who opt in to your list.

This giveaway product should have high perceived value and a low cost to you. One of the lowest cost products you can create is an information product. This information product can be an ebook (my favorite), a video, or an audio recording.  Note:  at this point, unless you already have a video or audio recording that you can upload, do not use video or audio. It is far more important that you spend the next few days on creating this squeeze page, than to spend it creating a video or audio. You can always change your giveaway product in the future.

If you already have an ebook that you have created, or you have an ebook of someone else’s that you have giveaway rights to, use that first. This will allow you to focus your energy on creating your squeeze page, rather than creating a product. Again, you can always change your giveaway item in the future.

If you do not already have an information product you can giveaway, you can create one easily using these easy steps:

  • Write 5 articles, or pull out all the articles you have written over the last few Select 5 articles that are related in topic, and yet are not repetitive of each other.
  • Take the five articles and place them in some logical order. It can be from basic to advanced, or beginning to end,
  • Compile them into one document; use copy and paste to do
  • Create a heading and footer for your document
  • Write a title for your mini-ebook, focusing on features, not benefits (explained in the next section of this lesson)
  • Rename each of the articles so that they appear to be chapters in your mini-ebook.
  • Create a table of contents
  • At the end of the book, place a link to your sales page (if you do not have one, you can add it later)
  • Convert the ebook into a pdf file.
  • Upload Your Giveaway PDF to Your Web Site

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