I’m David Borthwick and I’m pleased you have been able to visit my site. I trust you’ll be able to gain lots of useful information to help you progress through the next stages of making your own market stall business much more profitable. My family and I live on the bayside in sunny Brisbane, Australia where I now have the pleasure of working from home. Some of my interests include going sailing through the network of islands around the bay, going to the beach, enjoying a good book or magazine in the business building area and attending our children’s sporting events.

I first started attending local craft and farmers markets in 2005. I had always been a passionate gardener and decided I might be able to help more people to set up edible gardens as the growing your own food movement was just getting going around this time.  So I assembled a purpose built trailer to look just like a garden shed, stocked it with all the supplies gardeners would need and hit the markets.

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It’s been a great ride, I’ve met many great people and learnt many tips and tricks along the way!

2007 saw the emergence of some eCommerce platforms and I jumped at the opportunity to get my products set out properly in a Bigcommerce store. This was when it really struck me of the power of the internet, it really could produce money while I slept! People would buy, orders would automatically be paid for and processed and be waiting ready to go to dispatch. For once, I wasn’t tied to the phone, yes there was an occasional call for support but usually the system handled the whole sales process. This was when I really got to understand the power of having a “system” in place.

I still remember it like yesterday, the first order I received from my first eCommerce store. It was 27th March 2007 and from a lady named Meg. A total of $121 had been deposited in my Pay Pal account. What really surprised me was the destination, a place on the totally opposite side of the country that I’d never even heard of before! That was when it struck me, the internet was really going to be the way to do business in the future and I was hooked!

Since that day, I’ve gone on to receive thousands and thousands of orders and every day I’m grateful for how the internet has made it possible to run a business from home but be able to market to the whole country and even the world. A lot of the time, orders are there when I log on in after breakfast in the morning so I really do make money while I sleep!

A few years later, once the “systems” were doing a lot of the work for me, I had the time and became interested in information marketing/publishing. This started out by affiliate marketing of information products in my niche that I knew my clients would find helpful. Then I realised the power of having affiliates promoting my things so I joined my online store up to Clix Galore which is an affiliate management platform. This has been another great “system” that has enabled extra traffic and sales with good commissions paid for the results of the affiliates.
PG-MagWhen sales of Apple Ipads and the other large tablets took off, I could see there was an opportunity to start a digital magazine so I found a platform to get our information into the Itunes Newsstand. By outsourcing some of the content writing and the design layout for the magazine, I was able to produce a high-quality magazine on a bi-monthly basis. Again, this proved to be a great method of generating leads for our list.

A good digital business wouldn’t be complete without some form of membership program! As we already had the data base, it was quite easy to build a membership site around the information we knew our customers would find useful. Then it was just a matter of offering it to them and almost naturally, the uptake was good.

2015 brought changes again, I developed a specialised garden product and went through the challenges of getting it manufactured in a foreign country. Now that product is available and being sold to gardeners in many parts of the world thanks to the amazing Amazon shopping platform.

You should have noticed by now that there is a bit of a reoccurring pattern to all this. Don’t underestimate the power of having “systems” in place. Find out what the market wants, develop the material and give it to them. I look forward to being able to assist you in the education and development of systems to propel your business and life to great levels in this new digital economy.

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