Start Your Own Extra Stream Of Income

I was having a coffee while doing some work in one of my favourite cafe’s this week when I happened to overhear a group of ladies chatting. One of them said something that got me thinking. “There is nothing I’d love more than to be able to afford to get my hair washed and dried…

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Ultimate Free Traffic Model

So, today we’re going to talk about a marketing technique that is without question the #1 most profitable traffic-generating strategy that you can use. It’s quick. You can literally begin seeing results within 24 hours. It’s easy. You don’t need any experience or special abilities in order to use it … and it’s not complicated…

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What Are The Chances?

I was strolling through my local village this morning and I wondered what the line up into the newsagent was all about? Apparently, there is a “50 Million Dollar” powerball lotto draw tonight!  I’ve never worried too much about taking out a ticket in any of these, I’d sooner invest any spare cash in my…

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Introduction To Creating A Squeeze Page

What is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze page is a web page that has as its only function the opting in of subscribers. The idea with a squeeze page is that there is only one action asked of your visitors – that of opting in to your email list.  In a strong squeeze page, there…

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Finding Your True Passion

So you have decided to break away from the pathetic monotony of your regular job. You want to live fully and passionately and reap all those rich rewards at the end of the rainbow. How do you find out what you are truly passionate about?  “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.’…

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Do You Get Struck In Rush Hour Every Day?

traffic jam

Which way would you sooner be heading? Do you get stuck in the peak hour traffic each day? One thing I love about working from home is getting to select the times if I need to drive across the city.

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Working From Home!

work from home

One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t actually have to work from home! This is the view from my outdoor office today, at one of my favorite locations down by the bay. I tend to engage and be more creative with a water view! Once you have your online business…

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