7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Market Stall ProfitsSelling products, crafts, food, and other goods at local markets can be very rewarding. You get to interact with customers on a more personable level than at a retail store.

As wonderful as the setting can be, it is not always easy to make a profit from your market stall. If you want to sell more at your market stall, you may need to make a few changes to the way you run your stall.

Learn how to sell more at your market stall with the following 7 tips.


#1 – Less Can Be More

The first tip is that less can be more. A cluttered table or stand will not help you attract people to your stall. Your items will not stand out as people pass by your stall. You want a simplified presentation that prominently displays your top-selling products.

Keep in mind, you should always have extra stock available. You can store your inventory in boxes or totes below your tables or keep them back in your vehicle until needed. As the day progresses, you can restock your table, while maintaining a clean sales presentation.

Think about the last time that you walked into any retail store. Typically, the items are properly faced on the shelves and employees try to keep items organized. This same concept applies to a market stall. So, if you want to sell more at your market stall – do not clutter your available space.


#2 – Everything Needs a Price

Everything on display needs a price. If you have trouble placing tags on some of your items, then use containers, buckets, or individual displays to group similarly-priced items together.

While it may be hard to believe, there are people that are too shy to ask about the cost of an item when they are simply browsing. But, if they see a price tag, they make a purchase. You do not want to miss out on these sales opportunities.


#3 – Create Multiple Price Points

Along with pricing everything that you have on display, you should create multiple price points. This could definitely help you sell more at your market stall.

For example, if you sell baked goods, instead of offering a single size, you could have three different options. If you sell jewelry, include a mixture of low, medium, and higher priced items. The same can be applied to just about any product.

Consumer studies show that reluctant shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when presented with several options. And, they will often choose the item with the median price, as it is perceived as providing the best value.


#4 – Pay Attention to Your Presentation

Obviously, the presentation is important if you want to sell more at your market stall. But, it is easy to consider this concept without really applying it.

Paying attention to your presentation means making sure that your stall stands out, is easy to browse, and has a good layout. This is crucial if you want to sell more at your market stall.

For the layout, you should think about using a gazebo. They are easy to setup and give you and your products shade from the sun. If you have spent time browsing markets, you have probably come across a few stalls containing sun-bleached products or sunbaked sales people.

A gazebo or tent frame not only offers shade it gives you a structure that can be used to add décor. Banners, signs, and décor can be connected to the frame, giving you more options for your presentation. Though, you should not add too much décor – you want people passing by to be able to see your products as they approach.

Along with the layout, you can sell more at your market stall by making sure that it is easy to browse. Consider the placement of your tables, stands, displays, and decorations. You want your products to be seen. Using spotlights or keeping your top-selling products at eye-level can help.

If you need help making your stall stand out, then consider setting some of your items just outside your gazebo or tent. Make sure you do not clutter the outside of your stall. Choose several items to display prominently outside your stall to attract passersby.

You should also consider the image that you are promoting. For example, using DIY décor pairs well with antiques and crafts, but may not be suitable for a health product or baked goods. Instead, you would want to promote a clean image.


#5 – Stay Current with the Latest Technology

If you want to sell more at your market stall, it may be time to consider using the latest technology. Thanks to the use of card readers for tablets and smartphones, you can allow shoppers to make purchases with their credit card.

While many people already know that they should bring cash to a market, some shoppers may be out of cash by the time they make it to your stall. Providing them with the option to use their credit or debit card should help you sell more at your market stall.

In addition to card readers, having a website for your business is a great idea. You now have several affordable options for creating a website without needing any tech experience. Including the URL to your website on merchandise, receipts, packaging, or bags provides a cheap way to promote your products.


#6 – Purchase Customized Shirts or Hats

Tying the presentation of your sales staff, or yourself, to the theme of your stall can help create a more professional image and help you sell more at your market stall.

While you do not need uniforms, you may want to invest in a few hats or shirts containing your brand logo – or even just sharing similar colors to your branding. These can be purchased online for very reasonable prices. Or, if it fits your theme, you could make your own shirts or hats.

If you do not have a logo or a unified theme for your products or goods, then it may be time to think about branding. It helps people remember, identify, and recommend your goods.


#7 – Greet People as They Pass By

Make sure that you keep a smile on your face. Nobody enjoys dealing with an unfriendly vendor. Greeting people that enter your tent is not only polite, it creates a friendlier atmosphere. Your potential customers will be more willing to ask questions and learn more about your products – which means that you will sell more at your market stall.

Shoppers should be able to immediately identify who owns the booth. Otherwise, they may walk away without making a purchase. Greeting shoppers and using the previous tip of wearing a shirt or hat that ties into the theme of your tent will solve this.

Whether you sell crafts, produce, or any other type of merchandise or services, you can use these tips to sell more at your market stall. As a final tip – remember to arrive as early as possible, so that you have plenty of time to focus on presentation.