7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Market Stall Profits

Next-Level Successful Market Stall Ideas

Boosting market stall profits is vital to every owner who would hate to return to a dreary 9-5 job, yet many stalls are in a slow, downward spiral.

While there may be a thousand reasons people find their business slipping, it’s a relief to know that there are many new tips on how to run a market stall and expand your business, instead of struggling.

We’ve put together a list of the top 7 easy profit boosting strategies so you can keep doing what you love–whether that’s baby clothes or organic produce.

1.) Master your mailing list

It’s rather amazing how many people don’t have a mailing list for their market stall, or they started one but never kept up with it. No matter the buzz about social media platforms–which are useful, of course–experts agree that email marketing is still king, provided it’s done smartly.

The question you may have is how to run a market stall email campaign effectively and easily. The answer is simply, by connecting with your customers and using the right tools

Connecting with Customers

Getting people to sign up for your email list sounds hard, but it really isn’t. People want to connect. Half the reason they come to your market stall is simply to connect with a real person instead of a faceless corporation. Play that up and use a few techniques to build a bridge to your customers, and they’ll sign up in droves.

  • Ask every customer at the point of sale if they’d like to sign up to get your news by email.
  • Offer a discount of 5% if they’ll sign up.
  • Get rid of excess. Offer half off a product you can’t sell or which might spoil, if they’ll sign up. You’ll get their email address and sell slow inventory!
  • Go to Aliexpress.com and buy a bunch of $1 or less items your kind of customer might appreciate, then give one to everyone who signs up for your list.
  • Lure them in with a book. Take 25 blog posts you’ve done and make a simple e-book out of it (free on Amazon!) Then, on your website and at your market stall, advertise the free e-book if they sign up for your email list.

Tools to Use

  • Use a free service like MailChimp.com to host and manage your email list, and to make sure you stay within the anti-spam laws.
  • Email once a month. Use the newsletter templates in MailChimp to make it easy. You can re-use your blog posts for content, or just link to other people’s posts.
  • If you have a free information product (like an e-book made from your blog posts!), you can market it on a site like Book Funnel to get people to sign up to your list.

2.) Dazzle them with your display

Create a memorable display that has your high price items in the centre and less expensive items to the front and sides. Don’t forget to stock a few small “impulse buy” items near you in the market stall for a little extra cash (Aliexpress.com items are great for this). A straight banner across the top of your stall is an eye-catching sign. And nothing “pops” like a snazzy logo!


3.) Make it easy to give you their money

These days there’s no reason to be that Cash Only stall. Make it as easy as possible for people to give you money. These days people can log onto PayPal from their phone — let them paypal you the amount! Many places also offer card swipes that connect through an app on your phone for a small transaction fee instead of the huge cost of monthly commitments that they used to have.


4.) Gazebos are good

A quality market stall builds trust. If the products are good then a gazebo will outsell the tarp pavilion every time. It lends a feeling of quality to your products. Many now have detachable walls, which are perfect for cold mornings or rainy days. Waterlogged products cost more than the gazebo, these days.


5.) Build a better brand

Let’s face it. People are leery of spending on high-end items or food unless your market stall has an identifiable name. Better yet, a logo! Something flashy, simple, and eye-catching with the name clearly on it works best. Use the same logo on your email newsletter! They’ll remember you at market even if they never open your emails.

6.) Favour your favourites

You want to know how to run a market stall that brings in customers who pay off again and again? Build relationships.

  • Smile at everyone once at least.
  • Try to remember the regulars! They tell everyone else about you, and buy your products without having to twist their arms.
  • Randomly give repeat customers a cheap, cute giveaway in their bag without telling them. (Aliexpress.com is perfect for buying lots of cheap giveaway items.) They’ll love you for it.

7.) Get the tourists talking

Lastly, tourists and gawkers are a major part of every market audience. Make sure your market stall has a few local-flavour trinkets, tourist type items, and put them up front or near where your customers check out. They’re impulse buys, but they also make you seem friendlier, and more memorable!


If you follow these successful market stall ideas, you’ll find your income growing, even as you work less for each dollar you bring in. Get that email list going. Promote your market stall by email! And lastly, be memorable–in a good way. That’s how to run a market stall and boost your profits.